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Wuling Great Rift Valley, a 8.9km-long Valley, Possesses Several Top National Scenic Spots

Impregnable Fortress

Formed 250 million years ago, Impregnable Fortress is praised by National Geographic Magazine as one of Top National 100 Best Photo Spots.

Located in Wuling Mountain Village, 40km away in Southeast of Fuling District and with a forest coverage rate of 92.7%, Wuling Great Rift Valley is praised by tourists as Natural Oxygen Bar. With an area of 30km2, the tourist attraction is famous for its bold cliffs and rifts. There are more than 30 scenic spots in the 8.9km-long rift valley.

Qingtian Gorge Difeng

Qingtian Gorge Difeng, which is 1,500m long, 600m deep in the deepest part, has an average depth of over 300m and an average width of less than 5m, is the narrowest and longest Difeng in average width in the world.

Wangzhangkeng or Deep Pit

According to the exploration and investigation made for more than 10 times by the expedition teams organized by such countries as China, the U.S., the U.K., Canada and Australia, the deepest part of the Wangzhangkeng is 841m, ranking second in China.

Laojun Cave Waterfall

This underground river, which has been verified to be 8.3km long, extends to the bank of Wu River. There is a 34m-long and 30m-wide waterfall in the underground river, which is the largest underground river waterfall found in China so far.


The downtown Chongqing - Expressway along the river (G50S)- Southern Fuling- Baitao- Wuling Great Rift Valley


Take the coach in Hongqihegou Bus Station to Fuling Passenger Transportation Center and then transfer to buses to Wuling Mountain Village.

Take non-stop tourist buses in Chongqing Yangjiaping Bus Station, Jiangbei Hongqihegou Bus Station, Yubei Longtousi Tourist Distributing Center. 

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