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Gods in Ancient Greek Mythology Arrived at Three Gorges Museum

Since August 19, tourists can have an intimate contact with gods in ancient Greek mythology such as Zeus, king of the gods, Hera, god of marriage,  Athena, Goddess of wisdom , and Apollo, god of sun, as long as they visit Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum. This exhibition will last until November 12 and is free to citizens. During that time, in order to coordinate with the exhibition, Three Gorges Museum will hold rich and colorful activities related to social education, helping tourists review the golden age of Mediterranean.

The exhibition, called Civilized Sea-Mediterranean Civilization from Ancient Egypt to Byzantium, will be displayed in the South Hall, on 1st Floor of Three Gorges Museum. The exhibition is held by Chongqing China Three Gorges Museum and more than 20 museums from China and Italy, exhibits of which come from 18 Italian museums including Florence National Archaeological Museum, Pompeii Archaeological Museum, Rome National Archaeological Museum, Taranto Archaeological Museum, Palermo Archaeological Museum, and  Naples National Archaeological Museum.

It is said that 231 pairs of the exhibits, namely over 500 exhibits, include marble sculptures, bronze ware, pottery, gold and silver articles with supplementary exhibits such as pictures and maps. With the golden age of Mediterranean as the theme, this exhibition presents us how great civilization developed. The exhibition consists of 8 units, including History and Mythology of Mediterranean,  Egyptians-the Glory of Pharaoh, Ancient Civilization along the Mediterranean Route-Mycenae, Cyprus, Phoenicia, Greek, Civilization of Greater Greece, Etruscan Civilization, Roman Times,  and Master of Barbarians and  Byzantine Emperor.

It is reported that Three Gorge Museum is making great efforts to prepare for the World Civilization and Arts Series Exhibition and plans to present a big foreign cultural relics exhibition to guide the visitors in appreciating western and eastern culture and arts under a broader frame from an international exhibition aspect.

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