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Camping at Luogudang, Yunyang County Appreciating the Stars and Listening to the Song of Birds while Enjoying Foods and Beer

It is said that Beautiful Luogudang 2nd Beer Camping Festival is underway at Luogudang Scenic Area. This event will last until August 28. A RMB 5,000-worth award in cash, an EV worth as much as RMB 3,580, a bicycle worth RMB 788 along with other awards will be provided on the site. In addition, hot and dynamic Samba will be provided on the site to give the visitors a brand new visual experience.

It is understood that the scenic area provides camping sites. When the sky is clear, it is possible to watch the stars at night. Moreover, there are alpine preserved meat, waxy corn, turtledove leaf Doufu, wild bamboo shoot, firewood chicken, roast whole lamb and some other local featured foods, with all awaiting your try.

The scenic area is located within Longfeng Village, Dongyang Village at Shangba Township in the farthest north of Yunyang County is situated where Yunyang County, Fengjie County and Wuxi County meet with each other. The highest peak stands more than 1,800m above sea level, with an average altitude of over 1,300m. As it is seated in between two mountains, it is cool in summer, with the temperature averaging about 22℃. The forest coverage rate goes up to 90%, which makes it a nice choice for heat escaping.

Self-driving route: get on to Shanghai – Chengdu Highway G50 – exit off highway at Yunyang Toll Station – Gaoyang Town – Shashi Town - Luogudang Scenic Area, Shangba Township

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