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The 8th Jinfo Mountain Tourism Culture and the 1st Food Game!

Jinfo Mountain

Twelve Daughters Grand Viewing Park


Shenlong Gorge

Lixiang Lake

It is reported that the 1st Food Game with a title of Nanchuan Taste is to be held from August to September, 2017. The 8th Jinfo Mountain Tourism Culture and the 1st Nanchuan Taste Food Game will be unveiled on August 26 at western slope of Jinfo Mountain. There are distinct views to be enjoyed in Nanchuan District while enjoying nice foods.

Nanchuan District is the backyard garden of Chongqing, endowed with Jinfo Mountain, Twelve Daughters Grand Viewing Park, Shanwangping, Shenlong Gorge, Lixiang Lake and other tourist attractions. You can feel the camping under starry sky at Jinfo Mountain, appreciate Grand Viewing Park’s flowers, stroll through firry avenue at Shanwangping, feel the rapids of Shenlong Gorge, enjoy the quiet Lixiang Lake and taste local agricultural foods.

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