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Locajoy Tourist Attraction Releasing Summer Vacation Promotions to Drive Tourists Crazy before Term Begins

It is reported that Locajoy Theme Park especially released Summer Vacation gift packs for family and kids. Family package which is worth RMB 840 is sold at a price of RMB 460. If you focus on the Wechat platform of the theme park one day earlier, you can get the family package with RMB 405.

This family package can be used by two adults and one senior high school student or a younger child over a 2-day happy tour of Locajoy. The ticket includes the tickets of Wildlife World, Happy World and Water Park. Tourists can take the tour bus to the Animal World, enjoy over 30 entertainment facilities, watch royal circus, appreciate water jetting performance, play water challenge games, and have a cool experience of water slides, water villages, water storm and water-shell.

In addition to the tickets, tourists are presented with a RMB 60-worth coupon for Ice World and RMB 50-worth coupon for Dolphin Show. The tourist attraction also gives away equipment for parent-kid tourists in the morning. Tourists can get a free water gun and participate in the water gun fight from Monday to Friday. While at weekends, tourists can join in the Splashing Fish Festival with a free bucket and take back home all the fish they can catch for free.

Besides, the activity held by Locajoy will continue till the end of August. That is to say, students who just graduated from primary school, junior high school or senior high school can get a free ticket if they buy two tickets with an admission ticket or a graduation certificate.

In order to facilitate the tourists, the number of Dolphin shows will be increased to two from one at each weekend from August 16 to 31.


Take a bus from the following four bus stations, Chenjiaping, Caiyuanba, Nanping Sigongli Transfer Hub, and Longtousi - Yongchuan-No. 203 Bus/No.303 Bus/No.501 Bus- Locajoy

Take a high-speed train in Chongqing Bei Railway Station-Yongchuan South Railway Station-transfer to No.303 Bus- Locajoy

Take the non-stop bus of the tourist attraction to Locajoy at 8:20 in Hongqihegou Tourist Distributing Center 

Off the G85 in Yongchuan and go straight along Xinglong Road to the destination according to the guidepost.

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