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Package in the Tourist Attraction Sold at Most 30% off Travel around Mysterious Wulong Just with One Ticket

Fairy Mountain

Furong Cave

Longshui Gorge Difeng

Three Natural Bridges

It is said that Wulong will carry out the package policy that tourists can travel through five tourist attractions in Wulong with one ticket since August 20 onwards.

Tourists can buy the package under the real-name system in the ticket window which has been prescribed by Fairy Mountain Town Tourist Reception Center. Within 7 days from the day of the issue, tourists can travel to Fairy Mountain, Three Natural Bridges, Longshui Gorge Difeng, Furong Cave Tourist Attraction. But the ticket of Wulong Impression Performance is valid only on the very day you choose.

Tourists can buy the package at a price of RMB 450 per person, which is lower by 30% than the practical total price. The ticket package can’t be refunded or exchanged once bought, as it belongs to the product on sale.

Wulong, a typical karst landscape tourist attraction, possesses fantastic natural sceneries such as Tiankeng, Difeng, Karst Cave, Alpine Grassland, and Wu River Gallery. Some films and variety shows including Curse of the Golden Flower, Transformers 4, Where Is Dad?, and Once Upon A Time, were filmed there.

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