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A Small Town with an Average Temperature of 20℃ Lies in Chongqing, a Furnace City, with the Deepest and Longest Tiankeng Difeng in the World

Tiankeng Difeng

Xinglong Town, Fengjie County, stands at an altitude of 1,500m, with a forest coverage rate of 80% and an average temperature of 20℃ in summer. There live a lot of aborigines and it is a true paradise to spend summer with perfect facilities.

Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot considered as World Wonder is located in Xiaozhai Village, Xinglong Town, Fengjie County. It is the deepest and largest karst funnel in the world. There are countless deep and changeable   caves and a turbulent underground river.

Longqiao River

Longqiao River, a world-class underground river is located in the southeast of Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot in Fengjie County, Chongqing Municipality, and among the mountains of Tujia Village, Longqiao Township, Fengjie County with an altitude of over 1,500m.

Jinfeng Mountain

Jinfeng Mountain, which is 30km away from Xinglong Town, is famous for the peak which looks like a gold phoenix. When standing on the top of Jinfeng Mountain, you can overlook the most typical karst landform in Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot and enjoy the amazing Jinfeng Sea of Clouds on foggy days.

Hankui Gate

Located in Yizi Village, Jinzhu near Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot, Hankui Gate consists of two 600m bold cliffs which look like a knife. A 400m wide natural stone gate lies between two mountains, which is dangerously steep.

Maocaoba Grassland

Located in 25km east of Xinglong Town, Fengjie County, Maocaoba Scenic Spot has an average altitude of 1,700m and an average temperature of 18℃ in summer. It is the perfect destination for camping along the lake.

Tickets: All scenic spots for free except for the  Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot (Tiankeng Difeng Scenic Spot: RMB 100 / person at peak season; RMB 70 / person during off-season )

Address: Xinglong Town, Fengjie County, Chongqing

Bus Route: Chongqing Bei Railway Station - Fengjie Station - Xinglong Town

Self-driving: Chongqing - Fengjie (G50 Expressway) - Xinglong Town (about a 3-hour journey)

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