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The Following Scenic Spots for Summer shouldn’t Be Missed! Summer Edition of Chongqing Rural Tourism Electronic Map Issued

Qianjiang Sea of Clouds

Kaizhou Village

Wuling Mountain National Forest Park

Have you ever been to those summer leisure scenic spots in Chongqing? On August 15, Chongqing Rural Tourism Electronic Map of summer edition prepared by Chongqing Tourism Administration was released.

The Travel Bible in this summer altogether collected 24 summer heat-escaping scenic spots in urban tourist attractions, 48 summer heat-escaping scenic spots in Northeastern Chongqing Tourist Attraction, 30 summer heat-escaping scenic spots in Southern Chongqing Tourist Attractions, and 20 summer heat-escaping scenic spots in Southeastern Chongqing Tourist Attractions, which has attracted a large number of tourists to spend their summer there, with beautiful scenery, fresh air and comfortable temperature lower than 19℃.

It is reported that Chongqing Rural Tourism Electronic Map, including 4 editions, namely spring, summer, autumn, and winter, collected such information as rural scenic spots across all districts and counties all the year round, star-rating agritainment, travel routes and transportation. Up to now, the spring and summer editions have been released and while the autumn and winter editions will be released by Chongqing Tourism Administration to bring about convenience to citizens and tourists who want to travel to each village, county and district in Chongqing.

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