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Chongqing North Pole-the 3rd Agricultural Culture Tourism Festival Opened in Heyu Village, Chengkou County

Recently, Chongqing North Pole -the 3rd Agricultural Culture Tourism Festival, farmers’ sports meeting, was held at Heyu Village, Chengkou County.

On the opening day, villagers who were divided into man group and woman group in the sports competition took part in a series of events, such as 60m moving grains in a sack, wrist wrestling, resisting drought and protecting seedlings, and racing to harvest pumpkins. A team event, namely mixed tug of war, was held, which was both competitive and entertaining by combining agricultural production and sports.

With agricultural culture as the soul, beautiful rural scenery as the rhythm, and entertainment events based on agricultural production as the highlight, this festival held a series of leisure activities, such as benefiting the mass activity,  promotion activity of tourist goods and agricultural products, farmers’ sports meeting, parent-children amusement activity, photographic activity, and Rural Culture Tourism Festival, which show us the profound agricultural culture and abundant rural tourism resources of Heyu.

Located in  the core region of Daba Mountain Natural Reserve, Chengkou County, Heyu Village is a wonderful place for leisure and vacation, with a forest coverage rate of 90%, clear air and pleasant climate. Heyu Village owns some tourist attractions including natural grassland called One-Line-Sky, Two Doors and Qingcaoping.

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