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Director General Liu Qi Met Lin Minghao, Counsel General of Australian Consulate in Chengdu and His Party

On August 9 afternoon, Lin Minghao, Counsel General of Australian Consulate in Chengdu, together with his party visited our administration. Liu Qi, Secretary of Party Committee and Director General, met the Australian guests. Both parties had a discussion on how to promote the exchange and cooperation in tourism between Australia and Chongqing. Staff from related departments such as Administrative Office, International Market Office and Information Center, also attended the meeting.

Counsel General Lin Minghao remarked that relationship and cooperation between China and Australia will have a broad prospect, especially in tourism. Both Chongqing and Australia are rich in tourism resources. Besides, they are quite different from each other and well complementary. The flights from Chongqing to Melbourne, Australia, will be opened this October. He hoped to treat this meeting as a good opportunity to strengthen the exchange and cooperation in tourism and develop more tourism highlights, thus promoting the mutual understanding between citizens in China and Australia and driving tourism development.

Liu Qi, Director General, expressed warm welcome to the visit of Lin Minghao, Counsel General of Australian Consulate and his party. He pointed out that Australia and Chongqing were important tourist destinations and tourism-generating regions for each other. With the opening of several flights from Sichuan to Australia and Chongqing to Australia, the tourism between Australia and Chongqing will become more frequent. He hoped to further deepen the tourism exchange and cooperation so as to gain mutual benefits. He also mentioned that under the background of the Belt and Road, Chongqing tourism devoted itself to strengthening foreign exchange and cooperation, thus developing world-famous tourist destinations.

During the meeting, two parties had an in-depth   discussion on wider cooperation in tourism.

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