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Youyang, Chongqing should Privately Possess Following Places with an Average Temperature of 25℃

Gongtan Ancient Town

Located at the intersection of Wu River and Apeng River, Gongtan Ancient Town has a history of over 1,700 years. The 3-km Pottinger Street, over 150 special fire walls, 200 quiet and quaint courtyards and 50 stilted buildings in different shapes are still well preserved in the ancient town. Rich in local characteristics, they belong to well-preserved architectural clusters from Ming Dynasty and Qing Dynasty with a large scale.

Hewan Village

Located at Houxi Town, Youyang County, Chongqing Municipality, Hewan Village is praised as the most beautiful Tujia village. It was built since 1370, namely the third year under the rule of Emperor Hongwu of Ming Dynasty. With an area of 15.5 km2, it gathers some nationalities mainly including Tujia and the Miao Nationality. The whole village owns shallow hills, mild climate, and abundant rainfall. Besides, the forest coverage rate comes up to 42 percent.

Youshui River

Located in the east of Tujia and Miao Nationality Autonomous County, Youyang, Chongqing Municipality, Youshui River originates from Xuanen County, Hubei Province and flows into Dongting Lake. Youshui River in Youyang is 81km long with an average width of 12.5m. Tujia people settle down along the Youshui River, the cradle of Tujia. Youshui River has a reputation of Small Guilin in Southeastern Chongqing for is picturesque scenery.

Wu River Gallery

Wu River Gallery, as a famous tourist attraction at municipal level, can be visited by Wu River Gallery boats. Special mountains, fantastic rocks, clean water, dangerous beaches, ancient towns, covered bridges, towpaths and suspending coffins constitute the beautiful scenery of Wu River Gallery.

Youyang Taohuayuan

Located in the Tujia Autonomous County, Youyang, Southeastern Chongqing, Youyang Taohuayuan is a National AAAAA Tourist Attraction, with an area of 2,734 hectares and the forest coverage rate of 80.4 percent.It is considered as the Distinctive Forest Garden in Chongqing and has a reputation of Kingdom of Plants & Natural Oxygen Bar for its rich resources in animals and plants.

Terrace of Ten Thousand Mu

Located in Huatian Village, Youyang County, Terrace of Ten Thousand Mu in Youyang covers an area of 5km2 and is awarded as a pearl among mountains, a fairyland on earth and a paradise among beautiful paintings.

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