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Less Popular but Amazingly Cool Sites in Wanzhou District!

Dongxia Reservoir

Dongxia Reservoir was built since 1978, located at Dongxia Village 10th Group, Yanshan Township. With a site area of 2,500mu, it stands 522m above sea level. Thanks to its landform, it features lush vegetation and abundant rainfall, being known as Jiuzhaigou of Wanzhou District. It is an ideal site for recreation, camping, fishing and swimming.

Self-driving: exit off G77 Highway at Yanshan Exit

Bus: Take the bus at Wuqiao South Station towards Yanshan, Xinxiang, Changping.

Lancao Tea Mountain

Lancao Tea Mountain is located at Lancao Village, Sunjia Town, Wanzhou District, with an altitude of about 800m. More than 70% of its area is covered by forest. The size of tea plantation at Lancao Village goes beyond 3,000mu. As the production base for Three Gorges Buddha Impression, a local famous tea, Lancao Tea Mountain is a nice place for the fans of tea to meet.

Self-driving: Wanzhou District – Sunjia Town - Lancao Village

Bus: Tingziya at Bus North Station – Bus towards Wanzhou District 

Erxian Cave •Chongqing Chief Ancient Dragon Cave Cellar Base

Erxian Cave •Chongqing Chief Ancient Dragon Cave Cellar Base is located at Xintianyanjing Community, Wanzhou District, Chongqing. The pulp liquor of Erxian Cave has been stored at level that is higher than 1,000m above sea level throughout a year inside a natural karst cave with constant temperature and humidity. The temperature inside the cave remains at 12 to 18℃, with the humidity ranging from 88% to 95%. A journey to Erxian Cave during summer not only brings you the coolness that a cellar is supposed to give but also taste the nice wine housed in the cave!

Self-driving: Wuqiao – Xintian Town - Yanjing Community

Bus: Wuqiao Bus South Station – Bus towards Yanjing or Gaojia

Human Head Stone Scenic Area ,Baitu Human Head Stockaded Village

Human Head Stockaded Village is located within Baitu Town, Wanzhou District, Chongqing. The peak of it stands 1,515m above sea level and is the highest single landmark within Wanzhou District. Owing to its high altitude and rich vegetation, this village features a relatively lower temperature, which is quite suitable for heat escaping during summer.

Bus: Wuqiao South Station – Baitu Town

Self-driving: Wuqiao – Changling – Changtan – Longju – Henghe - Baitu

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