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The First Group of the Most Beautiful Forest Oxygen Bars in Chongqing Invites You for Hiking

Dayuandong National Forest Park located at southwestern Jiangjin District is seated opposite to Simian Mountain to the southeast and combined with Zhongshan Ancient Town, and borders with Hejiang County in the west, Sichuan Province and is linked to Baisha Town Jukui Ancient Academy to the north. It is situated 102km away from the downtown Chongqing and 60km away from urban Jiangjin District. With a total area of 52,000mu, it has been awarded the title of The First Group of the Most Beautiful Forest Oxygen Bars in Chongqing. It is deemed as one of the ideal sites for heat escaping in Chongqing.

Dayuandong National Forest Park is endowed with rich vegetation and rare plants and animals as well, with a forest coverage rate of 95.4%. The concentration of negative oxygen ion amid air meets Grade I requirements. With an altitude that ranges from 750m to 1,250m, its temperature averages between 23℃ and 28℃.

The park is rich in landscaping resources. As the visitors are enjoying the benefits of the cool environment, they also can feast on more than 10 famous scenic spots such as Dayuandong Waterfall, Swan Lake and others. The park features a complete set of supporting facilities and service facilities which provide premium services for the coming visitors for heat escaping and recreation.

It is best recommended by the fans to hike through the park. You get off car at Zhoujiayan at Baisha Town from which you make a walk for about 1.5 hour until you arrive at the foot of Dayuandong Mountain. Then, you climb up the mountain to watch Dayuandong Waterfall, Swan Lake, Longdong Lake Reservoir (or Dragon Cave Lake Reservoir) and other scenic spots at the hillside. At last, you walk down the mountain along the path to reach Zhongshan Ancient Town.

The 1-day tour of Dayuandong Mountain starts from urban Chongqing or Jiangjin District. There is a trip that last 1 to 2 hours in the middle of which you may opt to have dinner at Yongxing Town or fishery. At the same time, you may go straight to Confucius Shrine or Well Bay or Daba Temple for meal. After lunch, you may visit Dayuandong Scenic Area or Well Bay Scenic Area before you get on the return trip.

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