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The Opening of Happy Valley Followed by Some Large-sized Theme Amusement Parks Settling in Chongqing

The U.S. Six Flag Amusement Park

The U.S. Six Flag Amusement Park is one of three major theme amusement parks, namely Disneyland, Universal Studios. Upon the completion of its construction, it will become the first international theme park in Bishan District, Chongqing in southwestern China as well as the first one of its kind in Asia.

Chongqing Wanda Theme Amusement Park

Upon the completion of construction, the first Wanda Town settles in Chongqing. So far, it is the largest in size Wanda Town in central and western China that is endowed with the highest sum of investment and the highest level of planning.

Fengdu (International) Fantasy Valley

With a site area of nearly 1,000mu, it is an integrated tourism project that incorporates theme recreation, leisure&resort, interactive experience. The construction of the initial project has commenced.

Chongqing Flower Valley Port Town Theme Park

This project will settle in Jiangbei District. Designed by Disney’s design team, it features a site area of nearly 1,000mu. It provides such ecological leisure programs as flower sightseeing and leisure, parent-kid interaction, wedding services, Zen relaxation experience and others.

Cartoon Start-up Valley Park

With a site area of 975mu, it is built into an innovative urban park that features a collection of quadratic elements. It will be fully completed within 5 years.

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