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Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Ganshou Festival in Hengshan, Qijiang District

Opening Ceremony of Ganshou Festival

Hengshan, Qijiang District

Hengshan Phoenix Valley Lighting Art Festival

It is understood that 7 elders aged above 100 years old can be found out of a population of fewer than 15,000 of Hengshan Town, Qijiang District. It is a figure that is more than 46 times that of the target, hundred thousandth, used by the Hometown of Longevity under the United Nations.

On August 5, Opening Ceremony of the 2nd Ganshou Festival at Hengshan Town, Qijiang District took place. 10 elders gave a local folk baptism to 10 babies aged between 3 and 6 months. (The local folk baptism here refers to a reputed elder who applies a tiny amount of wine and meat to the lips of the babies. It is called Kaihun in Chinese.) The local folk baptism implies the best wishes to the next generations. In addition, the elders also gave them blessed red envelops, and wished them having a sound development and living a happy and peaceful life.

Besides Kaihun ceremony, Guan Yu’an, the deputy dean of Chongqing Huangpu Painting and Calligraphy Academy, also calligraphed “寿” on a giant flag on the site for the visitors’ sightseeing. In addition, Hengshan Town also developed and designed a range of cultural-oriented products based on “寿 (longevity)”, namely “寿”-featured wall-mounted painting, “寿”-featured folding screen, “长寿”-featured rice bag and others. The products are available for the purchase of the visitors.

At present, the first Hengshan Phoenix Valley Lighting Art Festival is in the middle of operation. This festival will be running until September 22. You will feast on the dreamy lighting image at night.

Hengshan Town, Qijiang District, is an alpine small town which is closer to urban Chongqing than any other towns. The temperature there averages at 25℃ alone. It features dense forest and fresh air, being known as a Natural Air Conditioning Small Town in Chongqing. It is an ideal site for heat escaping.

Self-driving route: the downtown Chongqing – Chongqing - Qianjiang Highway (exit off highway at Yiping)- Tianren Road – Hengshan Tourism Resort

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