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“Beautiful Banan & Fragrant Fruits” 2017 Banan Fruit and Vegetable Picking Season Begins!

On the morning of July 25, the launching ceremony of “Beautiful Banan & Fragrant Fruits” 2017 Banan Fruit and Vegetable Picking Season is held at the outdoor terrace of Lotus Garden, Yunzhuan Mountain, Banan District.

There are various activities in this fruit and vegetable picking festival and it will last two months. In July, the citizens can enjoy the Ersheng royal pears on the spot at Tianping Mountain during the pear-picking festival and renew the Chinese comity studies. In the Lotus Festival, Yunzhuan Mountain, Yudong, the public can watch the space lotus and pick the space vegetables and the specialty fruits. In the middle of July, the Yudong peaches and the distinctive grape picking begin. The peaches taste crisp and the grapes are sweet. July and August are exactly the seasons for the Black-Colorado cream watermelons to harvest and they are introduced from Switzerland. They are cultivated in the original ecological way and they are watery, juicy and sweet with the milk aroma. On August 2, the red kiwi picking starts in the Hupeng Ecological Park.

In addition, during the Banan fruit picking season, the Banan rural tourism and the rural tourism association will carry out the promotion activities through low prices, low discounts and the fruit and vegetable picking through train, organized by the travel agency. The beautiful Banan is not only filled with fruit fragrance but also can be considered as a good place for summer recreation. It features a high forest coverage rate and a low average temperature, about 5 to 8 degrees lower than that of the downtown. It is also a pleasant trip to feel the Clean Your Plate Campaign and the diligence and thrift virtue. Welcome here to pick the fruits and spend a holiday at the summer resort.

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