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2017 Kaizhou Juzi Park Life Study Tour Season Series Activities officially Launched

Kaizhou Juzi Park

Kaizhou Juzi (Candidates for Imperial Examinations) Park Study Tour Season Series Activities were officially launched on July 23. This series of activities are mainly related to three aspects.

Excellent students would ascend the Tower and inscribe their names to start the opening ceremony of Confucian Temple Scholarship.

On July 23, 50 outstanding students would be involved to inscribe their names in the Tower, and enter the Confucian Temple to worship Confucius with the experience of Confucius culture, expressing the respect for ancient exemplary teachers of ages and former wise men. At the same time, the organizer issued a scholarship of RMB 100,000 on the scene to such 50 outstanding students. It is understood that each year the organizer will take 100,000 yuan out of revenues from the Confucian Temple as Confucian Temple Scholarships to reward   students who have made outstanding achievements in college entrance examinations. This action also fully demonstrates the cultural positioning of the scenic area.

Kaizhou Juzi Park will be free for students across the country 

From July 23 to August 30 only, Kaizhou Juzi Park will be free of charge for students across the country. Students with their student ID cards, school cards, admission notices and other valid student ID can receive free tickets to tour the Park at the Tourist Center of Kaizhou Juzi Park.

Collection activity on the first writing ceremony

In late August, the first writing ceremony will be held at the Confucian Temple in Kaizhou Juzi Park. Now it began to apply for participation. Please refer to the public account "游开州" (telephone: 023-52665669).

The purpose of the event is to make children be reasonable and learn to behave themselves. By feeling the spring rain-like enlightenment force of school education and self-role change, children thus take a solid step in life.

The main links involve: to neaten suits, to beat a drum to show high ideals, to initiate intelligence by use of cinnabar, to enlighten by cuisive writing, to read the Three Character Classic, to worship the Confucius and other links.

Located on the Wenfeng Street, Kaizhou District, Chongqing, Kaizhou Juzi Park relies on the natural landscape of Wenfeng Peninsula around Hanfeng Lake and dignified history and culture of "Hometown to Candidates for Imperial Examinations".In the positioning of "Elegant Wenfeng and Prevalent Imperial Examinations", It has built the Confucian Temple representative of Chinese Confucian culture, the Examination College of Chinese imperial examination culture, the Shengshan Academy of Kaizhou education development history and Wenfeng Tower with the reputation of "Three-dimentional Book of Sinology". They collectively show the cultural essence of Chinese imperial examinations and the humanities style of "Hometown to Candidates for Imperial Examinations", and bring a new bright spot to the Three Gorges tourism culture. 

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