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Jamboree at Muddy Land of Wulong Tiankeng Village Great Fun from the Heart of Earth

Jamboree at Muddy Land with a theme of Happy Parent-kid Tour Great Fun of The Heart of Earth will be held at Wulong Tiankeng Stockaded Village on August 6.

The Jamboree aims to collect parent-kids pictures of the Best Gene in Chongqing. The citizens may contribute stories to the organizing committee. There will be 30 candidate pictures. At last, there will be 10 families selected via online voting and internal review. The parent-kids families selected will head toward Tiankeng Stockaded Village for the jamboree on August 5.

By then, these 10 families will take part in the football games, loach-catching games and Wet costume parent-kids shows on the muddy land. In addition, they also watch the Tujia people’s folk shows, learn Miao language together with the leftover kids and take part in the bamboo pole dance game as well as other programs.

Thanks to the heart-shaped profile of Tiankeng, Wulong Zhongshiyuan Tiankeng is reputed as The Heart of Earth. At present, Wulong Tiankeng Stockaded Village boasts several intangible cultural relics projects for which some interactive programs are held in order to make the tourists experience intangible culture and feel the charm of intangible culture, such as learning Miao language, making wishes, Tujia People’s wedding tradition.

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