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Grand Opening of Phoenix Valley Summer Lighting Art Festival at Heng Mountain, Qijiang District on July 22

Heng Mountain Tourism and Recreation Holiday Resort Lighting Art Festival will be held ceremoniously at Phoenix Valley Scenic Area from July 22 to September 22.

Phoenix Valley’s dreamy lighting is designed based on the existing landscape, with phoenix serving the main axis. Meanwhile, there will be additional effect of lighting and shade. Lighting festival is themed on fantastic light, aiming to create light of romance, fairy tale, nature and others. It aims to make you feel an impressive lighting art festival featuring romance, fantasy, children's simplicity. What’s more, there will be water-based games which allow the participants to face challenges through all passes. If the participants succeed, he or she will be granted an award.

Heng Mountain, Qijiang District, is shorter than 1h-drive away from the downtown. It is an alpine flower sea tourist attraction developed according to National Grade AAAA standard. The temperature falls at 25℃ on average during summer. The content of negative oxygen ion there is over 100 times that of the downtown. The tourist attraction features flower field lighting, parent-kid amusement park, grass skiing, open music bars, ecological restaurants, flower show and other featured scenic spots. Muhly grass, tulip, crape myrtle along with other 7 high-end flowers introduced from Japan, the U.S., the Netherlands respectively are shown in the valley. Thus, the valley is an ideal site for travelling and heat-escaping during summer.

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