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Grand Opening of 4th Qijiang Huaba Camping Music Season

The 4th Romantic Huaba Camping Music Season had its grand opening at Wanlong Village, Shihao Town, Qijiang District.

It will run until August 30 from July 15. During this period, the featured camping programs will be carried out continuously, such as touring car camping festival, exotic food festival, a tour with firebug in nature, fire balloon trip amid the clouds, starry night, Yoga in the sea of flowers and others.

Huaba is 125km away from the downtown Chongqing, with an altitude ranging from 1,000m to 1,800m. The forest coverage rate goes beyond 80%, with temperature averaging at 25℃ in summer. It offers Ligongba, Rose Valley, Eagle Rock and other scenic spots. It has been equipped with Flower Town, Huayang (flower) Valley, Huayu Hotel, Rose Valley Tent Hotel along with more than 2,000 camping sites. It has become a well-known heat-escaping and health maintenance resort in Chongqing, with heat-escaping, spending holiday, appreciating flowers, exploring into karst cave, rural leisure, homestay and other functions rolled into one. It is reputed as Chongqing’s Shangri-La. More than 450,000 tourists have been received in the summer of 2016 alone.

Traffic: Chongqing – Qijiang – Dongxi, Ganshui – exit off highway at Anwen Toll Station (gas station) – Yangdiwan (gas station) – Baiyan – New Wanlong – Old Wanlong

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