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The Opening of Mowei Mountain Touring Car Camping Festival 2017 Initiating Beat-the-Heat Trip in the Forest

Mowei Mountain Touring Car Camping Festival 2017 ran from July 14 to 15. Twenty touring cars and nearly 100 people drove into the Mowei Mountain, the natural oxygen bar, and started their beat-the-heat trip in the forests.

Every weekend of the summer vacation, Mowei Mountain will hold a series of activities such as Forest Music Evening, Running for Health, Beer Barbecue Camping and so on. Cooperating with Health Hotels in Mowei Mountain, the organizers of the festival also held such activities as one week of experiencing touring cars. From now on and until the end of July, RMB 350 can offer you the experience of living in touring cars in Mowei Mountain.

Mowei Mountain Scenic Area of Pengshui County features Natural Resort, Healthy Vacation. With  an average altitude of 1,500m above the sea level, the forest coverage rate of 91%, the average annual climate of 14.9 ℃, and high content of negative oxygen, it’s worthy of the name Forest Oxygen Bar of China.  The scenic areas are rich in natural resources and peculiar in the ecological landscapes where you can find  geological wonders such as the line of the heaven and the earth, grottoes and caves, hundred miles of stone forests as well as thousands of cliffs; meteorological scenery such as kaleidoscopic clouds and mists, flying snow, ice crystal hanging on trees, rising sun, rosy clouds etc.; valuable and rare medicines from the forest, exotic and rare grass, mountain flowers and wild fruits, towering ancient trees and so on.

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