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Official Opening of Fairy Mountain International Music Season 2017

There are 4 excellent bands from Sichuan province and Chongqing which are about to start with their performance at Fairy Mountain Camping Base on July 14. From July 14 to August 12, the tourists meet with music at a temperature of merely 22℃ at Fairy Mountain.

The 4 bands are well-known campus bands from a rigorous selection, with super strength and fame in music. They would fight the only quota available to perform with such famous singers as Li Yuchun, Tao Zhe, Zhang Liangying, Liang Bo on July 28 and 29 during the music week.

The limited tickets for the highly-expected star music week (Li Yuchun, Liang Bo, Tao Zhe, Zhang Liangying) is being sold. Except for the star music week (RMB 268 per ticket, reserved address: Wulong Tourism Website), the rest of theme music programs are free of charge. (the scenic area tickets required only)

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