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The 6th China Daba Mountain Summer Healthy Festival Has Been Opened Inviting You to Enjoy Cool Summer

Themed with Touring Ecological Chengkou and Enjoying Cool Summer, the 6th China Daba Mountain (China• Chengkou) Summer Healthy Festival has been opened on July 11 in Chengkou County, which will last for three months.

During the festival, Chengkou will hold a series of activities like Photography Competition of Discovering Beauty in Chengkou, Huang’anba Outdoor Experience Activity, Kanggu Drifting, the 1st Yilian International Food Court, Huang’anba Tent Camping Festival Season 2017, River and Creek Fishing in Original Town. Flying over Daba Mountain Activity can take tourists to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of Chengkou on helicopter. Being single, tourists can go to Jiuchong Flower Hill Scenic Area in August to participate in Romantic Matchmaking Festival on Chinese Valentine’s Day to look for a beautiful love in the colorful sea of flowers.

At the same time, Chengkou will launch many boutique tourist routes like China Kanggu, Fangdouping, Chongqing-Shaanxi Border Mountains, Jiuchong Flower Hill and cool Lantian Village. During the festival, tourists can experience the fun of living in farm house, picking farm fruits and having farm vegetables while enjoying beautiful landscapes.

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