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The 21st Chongqing Huayan Lotus Show Has Been Opened

The 21st Chongqing Huayan Lotus Show has been opened, and the show will last until August 31. During the show, many summer activities will be launched for you.

The lotus show is mainly for appreciation. Main exhibition areas are North Gate of the scenic area and Qibu Lotus Pond. The scale of the show is larger and the variety of lotus is more than before, with over 5,500 jars of lotus, including over 150 precious verities, among which 51 newly cultivated varieties, like newly introduced Beautiful Rose Lotus, Misty Fragrant Lotus, Charming Spring Lotus and Space Peony Lotus, has made their debuts in Qibu Lotus Pond. King Lotus, a variety of subtropical ornamental lotus first introduced in China, has been transplanted into Qibu Lotus Pond and Waterside Terrace by Huayan Lake for tourists to enjoy.

During the lotus show, lots of activities will be held like Zen-Tea Culture Season, Huayan Zen World•Pleasing Fragrance of Lotus Photography Competition, Little Lotuses Bud Children Painting Competition, Fated Love•Love in Lotus Pond Blind Date on Chinese Valentine’s Day, A Experience of Zen and Taoism•A Journey to Clear Your Mind Zen meditation experience.

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