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The WCTIE 2017 Has Been Closed! Over 60,000 People Have Visited the Expo, Among Whom 55,000 People Have Won Prizes

From June 23 to 25, 2017, the WCTIE 2017 (the 5th Western China Tourism Industry Expo 2017) has been successfully held in Chongqing Yuelai International Expo Center.

Main Achievements of the WCTIE 2017:

1. The expo was in great atmosphere, in which Chinese and foreign exhibitors gathered and citizens and tourists participated

Over 100 tourism cities and over 40 travel agencies at home and abroad, a large number of tourism enterprises and about a hundred of mainstream medium have participated in the expo. According to preliminary statistics, the WCTIE 2017 has attracted over 60,000 citizens and tourists to attend the expo.

2. There have been tourism benefits throughout the expo, and citizens and tourists have gotten a varity of gifts and tourism prizes

So far, over 1,500,000 users have followed the WeChat official account of Chongqing Tourism Administration and participated in the benefit activity by scanning code, among whom over 70,000 ones have joined the lucky draw, and 55,000 ones have won prizes in the lottery.

Exhibitors have innovated tourism products, and have designed and introduced 32 domestic tour route products and 12 international tour route products and various theme tour packages for tourists.

3. Tourism business opportunities have been increased and tourism cooperation has been deepened with a great deal of large-scaled signed projects

By now, during the WCTIE 2017, 22 tourism investment projects have been signed with total signings of RMB 55.59 billions.

4. The expo has been rich in innovative and sharing content, and the internet plus has led the exchange in the expo to high-end level.

In the WCTIE 2017, the organizing committee has held 16 theme innovative and sharing sessions.

5. The activities in the expo have been rich of cultural connotations and high-tech feelings, and the online services have attracted many people

During the expo, the exhibitors have held promotion activities in various forms on site.

At the same time, APPs (applications) for Chongqing local tourism service like Chongqing Gifts, Smart Tours, and Tourists have been launched online, and AR (augmented reality) and VR (virtual reality) experiences have been organized on site.

During the opening ceremony, performances with special three-dimensional effects, which can be watched with naked eyes, has been added. The most popular advanced technology at present has shown new tourism experience and improved the experience feeling of the expo.

6. Tourism cities and enterprises have actively promoted tour route products, which have aroused intense interests of medium and tourists

During the expo, domestic and overseas tourism cities and travel agencies have taken full advantages of platforms for publishing and promoting tourism products to hold many special tourism promotion conferences and promote and introduce their boutique tourism products with great efforts.

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