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Focus on WCTIE 2017 Drifting, Grass Skiing, Strolling around Ancient Town, Having Free Buffet...Which One Would You Like?

Admission Ticket for Wanfo Canyon Drifting in Dingshan Town in Qijiang District

Qijiang District

Qijiang District is located in the southern Chongqing, in which there are unique natural landscapes and cultural landscapes with a long history like beautiful mountains, attractive sceneries, mountains, rivers, springs, forests and caves.

Admission Ticket for Ligongba Scenic Spot in Huaba Scenic Area

Admission Ticket for Driftage on Xiangma River in Qijiang District

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Package Ticket for Baidi Town, Tiankeng and Difeng

Fengjie County

Fengjie County is located in eastern Chongqing, which is in the subtropical humid monsoon climate, with scenic areas like Baidi Town, Qutang Gorge, Tiankeng and Difeng.

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Hechuan District

Hechuan District is a new urban development district in northern Chongqing, which is named for the confluence of three rivers: the Jialing River, the Qu River and Fu River, and known for the Fishing Town which influences the process of the world. In the district, there are recreational resorts like Wenfeng Ancient Town, Laitan Ancient Town, Jialong West Sea and Longjing Lake.

Admission Ticket for Jialong West Sea Garden in Dashi Town

Admission Ticket for Pumpkin Day in Youjun Ecological Garden in Longshi Town

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Dianjiang County

Located in the northwestern Chongqing, Dianjiang County is a Thousand-year-old Ancient County of Chinese cultural heritage of geographic name recognized by the UNGEGN (the United Nations Panel on Geographic Names).

Dianjiang County is a national Hometown of Painting and Calligraphy and a national Hometown of Brass Instruments. In the county, there are natural resources and cultural landscapes, and beautiful rural sceneries, among which Shanshui Peony is well-known in China.

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The Second Group of Special Offers and Prizes in Nan’an District

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Admission Ticket for Yangtze River Cableway

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