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Focus on WCTIE 2017 Hometown of Loong Lantern, Grotto Art, the Most Beautiful Lakeshore City in the Three Gorges... Why Not Go to Visit Them?

Admission Ticket for Tongliang Loong Scenic Area

Tongliang District

Located in northwestern Chongqing, Tongliang District is a well-known Hometown of Loong Lantern, which is named as the Hometown of Chinese Folk Art and the National Culturally Advanced County by the Ministry of Culture. Tongliang Loong Lantern is famous both at home and abroad.

Admission Ticket for Sanse Rural Times

Admission Ticket for Ailian Lake Wetland Park

Admission Ticket for Huangjuemen Colorful Dream Garden Scenic Area

Admission Ticket for Baoding Mountain Stone Carving Scenic Area

Dazu District

Dazu District is located in western Chongqing with rich tourism resources. Dazu Stone Carving represents the highest level of grotto art in the world from the 9th century to the 13th century. In addition, in the district, there are scenic areas with beautiful sceneries like Longshui Lake National Water Management Scenic Area and Yulong Mountain National Forest Park.

Admission Ticket for North Mountain Stone Carving Scenic Area

Admission Ticket for Sheng Mountain Botanic Garden

Kaizhou District

Located in the northeastern Chongqing and in the northern Yangtze River, Kaizhou District is surrounded by mountains, which is known as the most beautiful lakeshore city in the Three Gorges. In the district, there are rich tourism resources like Hanfeng Lake and Juzi Garden.

Admission Ticket for Longtouzui Forest Park

Admission Ticket for Shili Zhuxi Park

Admission Ticket for Yunzhong Flower Capital

Shizhu County

Located in the eastern Chongqing, on the south bank of the Yangtze River and in the central Three Gorges Reservoir area, Shizhu Tujia Autonomous County is the only minority autonomous county in the Three Gorges Reservoir. In the county, there are scenic areas like Yunti Street in Xituo Town, a Chinese historical town, Yinxing Temple, a thousand-year-old ancient temple of Buddhist resort, Huangshui National Forest Park, a summer resort, and Qianye Meadow with lush green pasture.

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