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Working Meeting Presided by the Director of Chongqing Tourism Administration in Yunyang to List the Key Tasks with respect to Tourism of 2017

Liu Qi, Director of Chongqing Tourism Administration, Addressing at the Meeting

Working meeting presided by the director of Chongqing Tourism Administration in Yunyang was held on March 21. The leaders of Chongqing Tourism Administration were present at this meeting. The heads of all Chongqing Tourism Administrations at district level, or county level or of the autonomous county and Wansheng Economic Development Zone Tourism Development Committee, Rongchang Tourist Attraction Committee along with the heads of all divisions under Chongqing Tourism Administration attended this meeting.

This meeting has conveyed the spirit of the 4th plenary session of the joint conference of tourism department of the State Council, the key spirit of national tourism working meeting, the key spirit of national tourism planning development as well as the meeting spirit of the 1st plenary session 2017 of municipal economic and development steering group.

0.45 billion tourists person-time have been received in Chongqing in 2016, with tourism revenue totaling RMB 264.5 billion, with a year-on-year growth rate of 15% and 17.5%.

According to the ranking of appeal of tourism cities in China 2016 released by Chinese Academy of Science, Chongqing ranks the 3rd just behind Shanghai and Beijing.

The investment in tourism exceeded RMB 140 billion in 2016, up 40%. Wanda Group, the U.S. Six Flags Group, China Railway Group along with other large-sized enterprises settled down in Chongqing, with accelerated construction of a large number of large-sized integrated tourism programs like Overseas Chinese Town Happy Valley, Wanda Cultural and Tourism Town and others.

Overseas Chinese Town Happy Valley, Chongqing

Urban function core zone, urban functional expansion zone, urban development new zone and ecological protection development zone in northeastern Chongqing, ecological and cultivation development zone in southeastern Chongqing saw an increase in the number of tourists received by 11.2%, 12%, 15.5%, 20.5% and 19.9% respectively and an increase in revenue by 14.6%、15.5%, 18.2%,21.1% and 20.1% respectively.

At present, there are some 558 travel agencies across Chongqing, with additional 46 ones in 2016. Of all the travel agencies, there are 84 outbound tourism-oriented ones, with additional 12 ones. There are 225 star-rated hotels, with additional 4 ones in 2016.

Yunyang Longgang Rated Grade 5A Tourist Attraction

There are 22 tourist attractions rated grade A in 2016. There are 214 grade A tourist attractions across Chongqing among which 7 ones are rated grade 5A, 76 ones grade 4A, 80 ones grade 3A.

Key tasks for the year 2017

Working Meeting Presided by the Director of Chongqing Tourism Administration in Yunyang on March 21

Centering on the target to develop tourism industry into an integrated strategic pillar industry and develop Chongqing into a globally well-known tourist attraction, adhering to five development ideas, carrying out the development strategy of five functional zones in depth, Chongqing will make all efforts to facilitate the reforming and development of tourism industry and strive to achieve an increase of more than 15% in city-wide tourism revenue in 2017.

Preparing the meeting with respect to Chongqing’s tourism industry development

Active efforts are made to prepare the meeting with respect to Chongqing’s tourism industry development and to carry out the national policies concerned, to take a full reference to the advanced experience from other provinces or regions and to study and issue a package of policies and measures to support the development of Chongqing’s tourism industry development.

Strengthening planning-guided policy

Ayi River, Pengshui

A tourism industry pattern where great metropolis, the Three Gorges region, Wuling region as three parts of development have a coordinated development is going to have a quicker growth by strengthening the study, publicity and training with respect to National 13th five-year Tourism Development and Planning, Overall Planning of Chongqing’s Tourism Development, the 13th five-year Plan to Develop Chongqing into a globally Well-known Tourism Destination and facilitating the implementation of these plans.

Improving regional tourism development pattern

To promote the coordination among 5 functional region’s tourism. To promote clustering development and differential development of four zones, namely urban Chongqing, western Chongqing, northeastern Chongqing, southeastern Chongqing and to facilitate the creation of greater tourism-based economy in northeastern and southeastern Chongqing and to facilitate the coordinated development of tourism in “Wanzhou- Kai county – Yunyang county” on a solid basis.

The routes along Wu gorge

To accelerate the integrated development of the tourism golden triangle of Yangtze River Three Gorges (Fengjie, Wushan, Wuxi). To accelerate the development of the infrastructure, tourist attractions and scenic spots in the golden triangle of Yangtze River Three Gorges and to promote the transformation of “one route-based traveling” in the Three Gorges region into a “region-wide traveling”.

To actively take part in the cooperative development in tourism with One Belt and One Road Initiative and the Yangtze River Economic Belt and to be actively integrated into the tourism along “Chongqing-Xinjiang-Europe” international great passage and the opening-up friendly cities.

Great efforts to facilitate development of region-wide tourism

Wulong karst tourism zone

Much effort is made to accelerate the creation of 8 state-level region-wide tourism demonstration areas and 8 city-level region-wide tourism demonstration areas, 50 tourism demonstration towns and 68 demonstration villages.

To guide in and create the reforming of district and county-based integrated tourism administration system and to promote innovation in “1+3” and “1+3+N” integrated tourism administration system and mechanism.

To facilitate the structural reform of tourism on supply side

Dazu Rock Carvings

Much effort will be made to facilitate the creation of national grade 5A tourist attractions, such as Fengjie Baidi Town, Fuling Wuling Mountain Great Rift Valley, Pengshui Ayi River, Qianjiang Zhuoshui, Fengdu Ming Mountain, with a goal to add 1 to 2 grade 5A tourist attractions. Much effort will be made to build the brand as state-level tourist resort and further enhance the development quality of red tourist attractions. There will the focus on improving and upgrading the product patterns and service level of 15 tourist resorts above city level.

Jiangjin Simian Mountain

To accelerate the construction of tourism complex. To facilitate the settlement and implementation of Wanda Cultural and Tourism Town, Six Flags Amusement Park, Anju ancient town and other key tourism business attraction programs and focus on creating a group of large-sized tourism complex programs that feature demonstrative and guiding roles.

Anju ancient town, Tongliang

To facilitate the construction of tourism-featured small towns. To create a group of tourism-featured small towns with strong demonstrative roles and enlarge the size of tourism industry. To foster a group of large-sized travel agency groups and tourism-based E-business enterprises as well as support and foster a group of featured and specialized tourism enterprises.

To facilitate the integrated development of “Tourism+”

Active efforts are made to carry out the cooperation regarding the city-wide transportation and tourism development planning and to support the development of a group of demonstrative projects with integrated development of transportation and tourism, as well as to facilitate the construction of camping site for self-driving cars and limos.

Wansheng Heishan Valley

To innovate an integrated growth of culture and tourism. The emphasis lies in the creation of a group of performing art programs incorporating culture with tourism, landscape products incorporating culture with tourism, film&TV base incorporating culture with tourism, creative works featuring culture and tourism, culture and tourism-oriented commodities and others. Much effort will be made to facilitate the development of integrating tourism into industry sector, business sector, forestry sector, aviation sector, medical treatment sector, sports sector, education sector and others.

To do a good job in developing rural leisure tourism and tourism-based poverty relief

Tianping Mountain, Banan

To actively create rural tourism products. Much effort will be made to develop a group of diversified and distinct rural tourism products and relieve all the villagers from poverty.

To carry out rural tourism “Trunk” project. To promote the development of some new rural tourism commodities such as native products, tourist souvenirs, featured foods and others. A catalogue of tourism products named “Chongqing’s gifts” will be prepared.

Much effort will be made to facility tourism-based poverty relief. All members will be mobilized to offer more help to relieve the poverty-stricken villages from poverty by increasing investment, adding more programs and other measures.

Strengthening tourism publicity and marketing

To strengthen tourism publicity. To strengthen the publicity of the brand as a City with Mountains and Rivers. To put emphasis in publicizing and promoting “1+4+10” tourism brand system.

Xichi rural resort hotel

To strengthen tourism marketing. To continue with the tourism marketing activities in key sources both at home and abroad and earn the access to the market in Southeast Asia including Singapore with great efforts and to further deepen the cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan as well in terms of tourism and strive to see an increase of at least 12% in number of inbound tourists. To actively create a civilized tourism climate. To create a sound social climate using a variety of media at all levels.

To make practical improvement in tourism consumption environment

The upgraded Youyang Taohuayuan is about to be opened to the public once again on March 22

To strengthen the development of public service system. To vigorously promote the revolutionary construction of toilets at the tourist attractions, to complete the construction of toilets at the tourist attractions within 3 years and to achieve standardized service of the travel agencies, tourist attractions, scenic spots, rural tourism, hotels and restaurants.

To accelerate the development of tourism data center and do a good job in tourism market supervision. To carry out sternly the “The Circular with respect to further Enhancing Integrated Tourism Market Supervision” and to rectify virulent lower price and improve grade A tourist attractions in an all-round manner, and to strengthen the training of tour guide, tourist attractions, hotels and others as well as to make effort to enhance the quality of city-wide tourism talents.

To improve the complaint handling mechanism. To carry out the lately revised Chongqing Tourism Regulations. To ensure tourism safety with all efforts. Vigorous efforts made to prevent massive and heavy accident involving tourism from occurring and to maintain a safe situation of city-wide tourism.

To strengthen reforming and innovation of tourism and the supply of talents.

Wuling Mountain Great Rift Valley

To deepen tour guide mechanism and special reform of travel agency mechanism. To issue the opinions regarding a stronger management of travel agencies and tour guides and to use the public service supervision system for tour guides in an all-round manner and to further normalize the operating behaviors of the travel agencies. 
To innovate tourism investment and financing mechanism. To actively introduce social fund and pace up the investment in special tourism fund.

To vigorously facilitate the severe governance of the Communist Party

Qianjiang Small South China Sea

To build up “4 consciousness” on a solid basis. To build up political consciousness, overall consciousness, core consciousness and parallel advancing consciousness and stick to a proper political stand and direction.

To strengthen the severe governance of the Communist Party. To further strengthen the political discipline and rules of the Communist Party and promote “two responsibilities” in all-round severe governance of the Communist Party through entire city-wide tourism system.

The tourism administrations of Wushan county, Wulong district, Qianjiang district, Yuzhong district, Yunyang county and Wansheng Economic Development Zone Tourism Development Committee delivered speeches and exchanged ideas of experience centering on their own tourism development during this meeting.  




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