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Wang Dingguo, deputy director general of Chongqing Tourism Administration met the delegation of Shizuoka-ken, Japan for “Agreement regarding Promoting Tourism of Izu of Mount Fuji”

On January 18 afternoon, the delegation of Shizuoka-ken, Japan for “Agreement regarding Promoting Tourism of Izu of Mount Fuji” visited Chongqing Tourism Administration. Wang Dingguo, deputy director general and related officials met them in the meeting hall of Tourism Administration. The two sides discussed the tourism cooperation and development of Chongqing and Mount Fuji and Izu.

Wang Dingguo extended sincere welcome to the delegation firstly and introduced the tremendous achievements made by Chongqing in the fields of economic and social development in recent years as well as its tourism resources, highlighted its tourism products, particularly, The Three Gorges, World Heritage Sites and hot springs etc. He remarked that Japan is one of the main destinations of outbound tourism for people of Chongqing, and it is also an important source of inbound tourists in Chongqing. The two sides should strengthen exchanges between the two government departments to promote the cooperation among tourism enterprises, enhance personnel exchanges between two sides and realize a win-win cooperation. He hoped that the two sides will make joint efforts to implement law to refrain unreasonable low-price travel and other acts of disrupting the order of the tourism market so as to protect the legitimate interests and rights of tourists from both sides and to promote the sound and healthy development of tourism market.

Sugiyama, director of delegation “Agreement regarding Promoting Tourism of Izu of Mount Fuji” expressed gratitude to Chongqing Tourism Administration for its warm hospitality. He affirmed the rapid development of Chongqing firstly and then praised friendliness and hospitality from the people of Chongqing. He also introduced rich tourism resources and tourism development in Izu of Mount Fuji. He added, the two sides are abundant in rich tourism resources and have a promising development. So the two parties should continue to strengthen tourism exchange and cooperation to promote the shared development of tourism of both sides.

Other representatives present also exchanged ideas. Meanwhile, they discussed the plan of opening Chongqing’s direct flights to Fuji and some other details.

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