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Wang Dingguo, Deputy Director of Chongqing Tourism Administration, Meeting Economic Sightseeing and Investigation Group from Kyushu area and Fukuoka of Japan

Wang Dingguo, deputy director of Chongqing Tourism Administration, met with a group of delegates with some key economic and trade communities, government sectors and enterprises from Kyushu area and Fukuoka of Japan in the morning on November 2nd. Both parties conducted exchange of ideas and discussion regarding cooperation and development in areas of economy, trade and tourism of Chongqing, Kyushu area and Fukuoka.

Wang Dingguo, deputy director of Chongqing Tourism Administration, extended warm welcome to the visiting group from Japan. First of all, he gave an introduction to Chongqing’s abundant tourism resources, with focus on promoting the Three Gorges, World Heritages, Hot springs and other tourism products. In addition, he shared the experience of trade and cooperation between Chongqing and Japan. He stated Japan is one of the key tourist destinations for Chongqing people. Japan is also the major source of tourists to visit Chongqing. The tourists from Chongqing and Japan visit each other quite often. This signifies Chongqing and Japan will further strengthen the exchange between the government of China and Japan, facilitate the cooperation among tourism enterprises, and build up closer ties between such two nations, realizing a win-win situation.

Tsuchiya, president of Fukuoka Trade Fair, first appreciated the warm reception by Chongqing Tourism Administration and China’s concern and assistance for Japan during the earthquake. He stated that tourism serves as the best bridge for promoting economic and trade cooperation. Both parties’ cooperation is based on mutual communication. In addition, he gave an introduction to the economic growth and tourism situation of Kyushu area and Fukuoka of Japan. He said the development of Chongqing amazed him and his team. He also observed the extensive prospects of the cooperation between Chongqing and Japan, especially in the field of tourism interactive activities. He shows great confidence in the economic trade and tourism between the two countries, hoping for closer communication and cooperation and better development of economic trade.

The tourism advertising video was presented during the meeting. The representatives concerned conducted communication and made speeches. Both parties discussed and exchanged ideas about cooperative events, such as launching direct flights between Chongqing and Japan, promoting tourism and others.

The international market division of Chongqing Tourism Administration also attended the meeting.

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