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News Conference with respect to Chongqing Ice and Snow Hot Spring Tourism Season Held by Municipal Tourism Administration

News Conference with respect to Chongqing Ice and Snow Hot Spring Tourism Season Held by Municipal Tourism Administration

Chongqing offers great fun this winter! Recently, in collaboration with News Office of Chongqing Municipal People’s Government, Municipal Tourism Administration held News Conference with respect to 2016 Chongqing Ice and Snow Hotspring Tourism Season. Qin Dingbo, deputy director of Municipal Tourism Administration, released 8 selected routes in winter and the plan to carry out over 100 theme tourism activities in both winter and spring during this event.

8 Selected Routes

Experiencing Winter Fun of Chongqing through Highway

Where to go in this winter? There is already a perfect answer. You just go viewing the beauty of winter in Chongqing through inner loop, outer loop and the third loop as well.

The tour of health hot springs along inner loop or outer loop covers all hot springs in urban Chongqing. You may go viewing the tourist attractions, bathing in hot spring within the 1-h life circle in the downtown. Everything seems cozy!

The route goes along the third loop and falls into two routes from Yongchuan, delivering a perfect tour of snow!

The tour of winter lives along Chengdu-Chongqing highway (high-speed railway) and covers numerous hot spring resorts. Meanwhile, there is Xiuhu park, Qinglong lake and Locasou. All for leisure and fun.

The mountains and rivers in winter appear in your eyes along Chongqing-Yichang highway and the newly-launched Chongqing-Wanzhou high-speed railway. There are too many scenic spots for foodies and fun seekers, such as Letian flower valley, Baili bamboo sea and Hanfeng lake.

Chongqing-Shanghai highway and the route of high-speed train go through Changshou, Fuling, Fengdu, Shizhu, Zhongxian. You have a tour of playing with snow by going to Wulong Fairy Mountain, Pengshui Mowei Mountain, Qianjiang Small South Sea, Youyang Taohuayuan, Xiushan Daxi with mountains, rivers and snow if you go along
Chongqing-Hunan highway.

More than 100 theme activities

Through the entire spring festival

How to have some fun in winter? More than 100 tourism activities will be introduced in 39 districts and counties across Chongqing.  There are hot springs, exploration for hidden treasure, picking, lantern events, sports, pig-killing, creative works and others.

Multiple interactive activities introduced

The citizens are invited to take part in the winter travel.

In addition, this event also provides some on-site activities for the winter. A wide range of theme activities of this winter will be demonstrated using 3D interactive booth and display panels. The citizens will be invited to feel the tour of winter.

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