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Chongqing Hot Springs
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In Chongqing people's minds, there is always a spring benefiting the surroundings. The spring likes the old street behind the house, stilted building along the river, and spicy hot pot, expressing the city's mildness and hotness, boldness and carefulness, history and fashion, tenderness and masculinity. In 2012, with its extremely rich hot spring resources and geographical advantages surrounded by the hills on one side and waters on the other, Chongqing was officially awarded the title World Hot Spring Capital by the annual meeting of World Hot Spring Assembly. The gentle but powerful gurgling spring brings you a unique and wonderful experience.

Chongqing has been a city of Hot Springs since ancient times. Its history of Hot Springs can date back to 1,600 years ago, with abundant storage and good quality. In the Southern and Northern Dynasties Period (420-589), Ci Ying, Buddhist eminent monk of Song Dynasty led the people to build Hot Spring Temple, sub-temple of Jinyun Temple in Jinyun Mountain, which started the development history of Chongqing’s Hot Springs.

Shili Hot Spring City in Beibei

The planned area of Beibei’s Shili Hot Spring City is 10 km2, which is now taking shape. Brilliant SPA, located within the North Hot Spring Park, has a hot spring pool from which people could view Wentang Gorge. People could feel the Buddhist mood here and hear bell in the morning and drum in the dusk. Beibei Banyan Tree is the world's first Banyan Tree Hot Spring Hotel. In addition to these high-end hot-spring resorts, there are other hot springs that you can stay for a whole day only by paying RMB 38, such as Jinyun Public Hot Spring.

Ronghui Hot Spring in Shapingba District

Located at Lishuwan, Shapingba District, Ronghui Hot Spring features property of calcium sulfate and magnesium. It is the only domestic city leisure spa project combining open-air hot spring, indoor spa, hot spring water park and SPA. In addition to bringing visitors warm and comfortable bathing experience, hot spring also brings an authentic and healthy hot spring life style. Ronghui Hot Spring can be said to be a famous ecological model of urban hot springs in Asia. 

Tongjing Hot Spring in Yubei District

It is located in Tongjing Wentang scenic area, one of the Bayu new twelve sceneries. The scenic area is abundant in natural resources. Mountains, water, forest, spring, gorge, cave, waterfall, Tianchi, island, ancient village, eagles and other natural landscape match into a painting. Tongjing Hot Spring surrounded by the beautiful scenery combines cold spring and hot spring.

Banan Hot Spring

Banan District is the only Hot Spring Town of China in Chongqing. It is a collection of many famous hot springs, especially the most famous East Hot Spring, South Hot Spring and Qiaokouban Hot Spring. The heated hole of East Hot Spring is the world's only hot spring heated hole with constant temperature on karst. The unique folk custom of nude bath is passed from generation to generation.

Jiulongpo Hot Spring Valley

Jiulongpo, as the most intensive hot spring tourism zone in Chongqing, has many quality hot springs such as Beity Hot Spring, Tianci Hot Spring, Sun Kingdom Pushi Hot Spring, Hailanyuntian Hot Spring and Jiulongqiao Hot Spring. It allows people to live in the city to enjoy a quiet hot spring without going too far.

Tianci Hot Spring

Beity Hot Spring

Hailanyuntian Hot Spring Resort

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