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Chongqing Wulong Karst Tourism Zone
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Chongqing Wulong Karst Tourism Zone is a 5A national tourist attraction, which includes three major tourist sites: The Three Bridges, Fairy Mountain and Furong Cave. The Three Bridges are on the south of Fairy Mountain,seated between the mountain and Wulong County. Fairy Mountain is located at Fairy Mountain Town of Wulong, seated at east Wuling Mountain. Furong Cave is located by the side of Furong River, which is 4km away from Jiangkou Town of Wulong.

The Three Bridges

The Three Bridges located in the rare ecological tourist area with geological wonders, are also called the Three Bridges at the Sink Hole,which belongs to typical Karst land-form. The tourism zone is renowned in the world for its three marvelous stone arch bridges, Tianlong Bridge, Qinglong Bridge and Heilong Bridge, which are all part of the largest natural bridge group. Here,people could see all kinds of mysterious and tranquil natural landscape: rich forests,towering cliffs, green grass, slender bamboos, and lively waterfalls. Mountains, waters, falls, gorges and bridges consist a perfect landscape picture, deeply impressing the coming tourists.

Fairy Mountain

Fairy Mountain National Forest Park is 5A national tourist attraction, located inside Chongqing Wulong County, covering 8,910 hectares, with an average altitude of 1,900m and peak altitude of 2,033m. It has been awarded as the “Eastern Switzerland”for its charming highland grassland and snowy forests. In winter, Fairy Mountain is covered with pure white snow. The beautiful rimes and ice cascades would blow tourists’ minds. It is the best destination for snow view and winter sports in Chongqing. In summer, the weather here is cool and pleasant, with light wind breezing through the forest. The average temperature on Fairy Mountain is 15℃ lower than urban areas in Chongqing, so it has another name “Summer Palace of Chongqing”.

Furong Cave

World Natural Heritage, 5A National Tourist Attraction, the most beautiful cave in China, National Geological Park of China, National Park of China. With a total length of 2,700m. Furong Cave is famous for its numerous shafts, complete types of cave sediments, perfect shapes and pure quality. The shafts are the currently-found largest shaft group in the world. Tourists call Furong Cave “No.1 cave in the world”. On June 27. 2007, Furong Cave, along with The Three Bridges and Houping TianKeng tourist zone, was included in the world’s natural heritage list and became the sixth world’s natural heritage and Chongqing’s first. It is also the only cave that has been listed.

Longshui Riff

The riff tourist area was formed several 10 millions years ago due to mountain orogenesis. It is a typical Karst land-form view. The riff is massive and magnificent with a gorge length of 5km and a depth of 200 to 500 meters. The Wulong riff consists of the entry riff, the passing tunnel and the exit strait. On the banks of the gorge there are towering cliffs and sharp mountains, with rich forests. The entry riff is extremely narrow and there are places where only one person could pass. If you look up from the ground, you could see a line of sky light. When it comes to the strait, there are flowing streams and spraying waterfalls,just like a fantasy world. The tunnel has huge space inside and full of stalactites. There is also an underground lake in the tunnel.


Entry Fee:

High season(March -December )

The Three Bridges 135

Longshui Riff  115

Fairy Mountain 60

Furong Cave 120

Low season(November-February)

The Three Bridges 95

Longshui Riff  85

Fairy Mountain 60

Furong Cave 65

Open Hours:


The Three Bridges  9:00-16:00

Longshui Riff   9:00-15:00

Fairy Mountain  Whole Day

Furong Cave  9:00-16:30


The Three Bridges  9:30-16:30

Longshui Riff   8:30-15:30

Fairy Mountain  8:30-17:00

Furong Cave  8:30-17:00

Address: Chongqing Wulong Karst Tourist Area, Yinxing Avenue, Wulong County, Chongqing

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