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The Peach Garden
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The national forest park,the Peach Garden is located in Peach Garden Town,Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Youyang, Chongqing, closely next to the Peach Garden exit of Chongqing Hunan Expressway. It is an important part of Peach Garden 5A National Tourist Attractions with a total area of 2,734 hectares, being divided into 3 sections on the east, the middle and the west having 5 scenic areas. The forest coverage is 80.4%. It is a worthy place for summer resort. People call it “the cool city”of Chongqing.


The Peach Garden Square covers over 86,000㎡,developed in the form of cascade with multiple levels, divided into landscape,greening, business and additional facilities. It was open to tourists in September 2010 with a total investment of 120 millions yuan. It is a comprehensive cultural square with the largest space and most completed functions in Wuling Mountain area. The square consists of fitness area, leisure section,peach stream and music fountain. Here, you can enjoy both the lively atmosphere of hot music and dance and tranquil air of trees and grass. The place is also an important spot for various cultural games and festivals.

The garden keeps the best-preserved natural native population of toon that has been found in Chongqing. There are rich geographical,cultural,hydrological and biological resources in the garden, covering hundreds of natural and cultural views. The quality of atmosphere, surface water and earth has reached the first-class national standard, containing 85,200/cm3 of negative ion. Therefore, it is also praised as the “Plant Kingdom”and “Natural Oxygen Bar”.

Entry Fee: 120 yuan

Open Hours:

07:30-18:00(summer)  08:00-17:30(winter, 17:00 for Fuxi Cave Spot)

Address: No.232, Peach Garden Road, Peach Garden Town,Tujia and Miao Autonomous County, Youyang, Chongqing

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