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Foreigner’s Street
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Chongqing Foreigner’s street is located in Nan’an District, next to Danzishi area and the Yangtze River with nice scenery and European style as well as various street snacks. It is a good place for weekends leisure time.

Every single building at Foreigner’s street is full of imagination and expresses the designer’s unique concepts. Some houses are upside down as if they had escaped the gravitational pull, while some are painted with bright doodles and show a strong post-modern style. Even the ordinary buildings are craved with special details. There is one famous toilet which is the first outdoor toilet ever. It is painted yellow and could contain four persons at the same time. This toilet symbolizes an open thought of people today.

The constructions of Foreigner’s street can be divided into two sections. One is totally European style: houses, chapels and diners and the other is classical traditional Chinese style. The latter buildings are located at the center of the park, where there are southern buildings, palaces, Qingming Festival scene buildings and an ancient temple.

Entry Fee: None

Open Hours: All Day

Address:No.6-17 East Nanbin Road, Nan’an District, Chongqing

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