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Pearl Orchid Tea
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Pearl orchid tea, which dated from Three Kingdoms Period and prevailed in Qing Dynasty, was greatly favored by Emperor Qianlong, who had ever dispatched his men to compose poems, plant flowers and plants, and make ink plaques related to peal orchid tea to hand the peal orchid tea down to later generations.

Yunwu Mountainous Area, Wuling is rich in this kind of tea. With selenium-rich green tea unique in mountainous areas and chloranthus as the principal raw material, it is made with traditional crafts and modern technology.

Pearl orchid tea is rich in selenium. Its leaves are tender and green, the scents are pure and lasting, and the color of the tea is yellow-green. Once tasted, it will leave you fresh and mellow fragrance and gives your mind a great deal of pleasure. In a word, the pearl orchid tea is praised as the first-class tea.

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