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Bishan Bantu (or Pressed Salted Rabbit)
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Created in the late period of Ming dynasty, Fengweiyuan Bishan Bantu (or Pressed Salted Rabbit) has been known as the Wonder of China and The No.1 Rabbit of China. It has been rated Chongqing’s famous agricultural product in 2002. Bishan Bantu is made of premium baby rabbits which are fed on finely-selected clean natural grass blended with multiple famous and expensive pure natural spices. It is the result of mature marinade, scientific formula and advanced craftsmanship. It features tender meat and lingering taste. It is a typical nourishing food characterized by high quality, high content of phospholipid and high content of sulphur water compound as well as low fat, low calories and low cholesterol. It is suitable for people of all ages and can be used as a precious gift.

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