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Tianchi Biya Tea
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It is recorded that the tea leaves produced from Wulong County were used as tribute tea as early as the reign of Emperor Qianlong. Tianchi Biya Tea from Wulong County is selected from spring burgeon. Using fresh leaf as the raw material, it is a flat-shaped famous tea based on traditional tea processing in combination with modern advanced processing techniques. The tea looks elegant with heavy fragrance. The soup looks green and clean. Its taste is fresh with lingering sweetness. The bottom of the leaf is bright evenly.

Conducted by Chongqing Tea Research Institute, the experiment study shows that the tea is not only excellent in quality but also offer benefits in refreshing mind, assisting digestion, enhancing appetite, anti-aging, anti-cancer and extending life as well as some other health care effects. It is actually the best of the best teas embraced amid mountains. Tianchi Biya Tea was awarded the International Golden Award for the tea appraisal of the China Chongqing (Yongchuan) International Tea Culture Tourism Festival Huaming Cup in 2005.

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