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The Traditional Village Bed & Breakfast of Kajiping, Fengjie County
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Having been around for more than 270 years, Kajiping, Fengjie County, was formed during the reign of emperor Qianlong of Qing dynasty. The temperature averages at 23℃ there. With an altitude of 1,660m, it is covered by forest across 98.5% of its area. Thus, it is an ideal place for heat-escaping during summer.

The Bed & Breakfast which is redeveloped from adobe house is built in this village. The village provides café, restaurants, tea rooms and accommodation area as part of the operating programs. Some 400 tourists can be served at a time every single day, with 35 beds available. In case the tourists want to check in, please call for reservation 15 days in advance.

Here, you feel a perfect combination of the ancient and the modern. Drinking a cup of coffee, reading a good book from the vintage-looking bookshelf or taking a look at the scenery through the window refresh your mind and send your haunting troubles miles away. In addition, you can also taste the local farm-style or western-style meals. You can have anything you want on your dinner table as long as it can be found in the fields.

Address: Liuya Village, Xinglong Town, Fengjie County


Route: the downtown Chongqing — Chongqing-Yichang Highway—exit off highway at Fengjie—Yangtze River Bridge—Xinglong Town Tourism Loop—Kajiping Natural Village

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