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Gele Mountain Forest Park
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Main Peak Central Scenic Spot

Gele Mountain Martyrs Cemetery

White Mansion

Cinder Cave

Forest Garden

Gele Mountain Martyrs Cemetery located in the central part of Shapingba District is famous for such natural scenes as mountains, water, forests, fountain, caves, clouds and fog. It is praised as the emerald among mountains and has a reputation of natural oxygen bars. It is famous for the historical event that after successfully controlling flood, King Yu called up a large number of guests to the Gele Mountain to celebrate it. With an area of 3,000mu, the scenic spot consists of Main Peak Central Scenic Spot, Forest Park, namely Chiang Kai-shek’s residence, and Martyrs Cemetery. It includes dozens of rare trees, among which metasequoia described as the living fossil is the representative, and scores of natural scenes such as Yunding Clouds and Shifeng Rocks. Martyrs Cemetery located at the foot of the mountain has some historical sites, such as Sino-American Cooperative Organization, White Mansion, Cinder Cave, some official mansions set up on the mountain by Chiang Kai-shek Lin Sen, and Feng Yuxiang during the period of accompany capital and some historical tourist attractions such as Mati Well, Longquan Well, Yunding Temple, Congming Spring and Sculpture Corridor characteristic of Ba Culture. It is a scenery resort that combines Hongyan culture, the culture of Chongqing as the secondary capital, Ba culture and religious culture.

It was rated National Grade AAAA Scenic Spot in 2002 and National Forest Park in 2003.It attracts about 2,000,000 tourists at home and abroad every year. Besides, it is also the most famous scenic spot in Chongqing.

Tickets: Free

Opening hours: 8:30-17:00

Address: Gele Mountain Street, Shapingba District

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