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Tao Le Country Club
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Located in halfway up the Jinyun Mountain, the Tao Le Country Club is an European-and-American style Bed & Breakfast with rural exotic characteristics. The club has 16 guest rooms decorated in different styles and entertainment facilities such as tea houses with sunshine, a film screening room, rooms for playing mahjong and cards, coffee rooms, fishing areas as well as a multimedia conference room. Enjoying the view through transparent glass windows, feeling the mountain breeze in the big balcony, you can easily disperse your tiredness.

Address: Cuiyue Lake, Jinyun Mountain, Beibei District, Chongqing

Self-driving route: the Downtown Chongqing — Hongjin Avenue — Lanzhou-Haikou Highway — Jinyun Road

Price: RMB 288-1988 per day

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