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Yunyang Longgang (or Dragon Jar)
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As a National Grade AAAAA Scenic Area, a National Geological Park, a Scenic Area with the Best Tourism Service for National Day 2016, Yunyang Longgang (or Dragon Jar) Scenic Area is dubbed the last Shangri-La of Three Gorges by the tourists and the Smaller Huashan Mountain of Chongqing version by the outdoor enthusiasts.

Located at southeastern Yunyang County, Chongqing, Yunyang Longgang (or Dragon Jar) Scenic Area is a combination of sky holes (or Tiankeng), karst caves, alpine pasture, forest, Tujia people folk and custom. It features such key scenic spots as Longang Tiankeng, Yunduan Gallery Bridge, Dragon Cave Landscape, Dragon Cave Gorge, Qi Mountain Meadow, Ancient Great Wall planted with Trumpet Vine, Qiyang Ancient Passage Relics and Gaixiaba Lake etc.. The sky hole (or Tiankeng) is 335m deep, ranking the 3rd in China and the 5th in the world. The wall of Longgang (or Dragon Jar) is composed of raised cliff with an inclination of 90°. It is rare to see such linear cliff on the planet, being reputed as the First Longgang (or Dragon Jar) on Earth

Yunduan Gallery Bridge is built at 1,010m above sea level, taking a shape of petal of the Flower of Sky. The Gallery Bridge gives a 720°vista to the views around. The overhang is 26.68m long, 5.34m longer than that of the glass gallery bridge in Grand Canyon Colorado. So it is dubbed the glass gallery bridge with the longest overhang in the world. The bridge is 718m above the ground.

The scenic area features odd landform, numerous karst caves, strange-looking stones and stalagmites all in a variety of postures and forms. Thus, the scenic area represents a Museum of Natural Science and a park with geological landscape. The views vary through 4 seasons. We see flowers and grass in spring, waterfalls in summer, red leaves in fall and snow in winter. All are amazing sceneries.

Ticket: RMB 120

Opening hours:

Summer: 7:30-18:30

Winter: 8:30-17:30

Address: Qingshui Town, Yunyang County, Chongqing

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