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Changshou Flowing Water Tofu
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Featuring delicate, cotton-like and sweet taste, Changshou flowing water tofu is daintily made  -- the water used should be flowing and fresh water from springs or wells (hence the name of flowing water tofu); soybeans used should be large, perfect and fresh; soy-bean milk used should be milky white,made of shelled, grinded and then filtered soybeans; after being boiled, fine heat with constant temperature is needed. Then, add some bittern slowly to make the liquid to solidify and that’s what we call Douhua; then the Douhua requires a slow squeeze into a group, to keep it tender; the required spices mostly include red pepper or tender pepper, seasoning sesame oil, accompanied by ginger, onions, garlic, wild pepper, gourmet powder and so on.

You can eat raw flowing water tofu and it can be also made into fried tofu, stuffy tofu, bean curd and other tofu products. What’s worth mentioning is Changshou blood tofu, one of the four famous qualified specialties of Changshou (the other three are Changshou Shatian pomelo, Changshou crisp pancake and Changshou Summer oranges). Flowing water tofu as the base material, accompanied by fresh pork and pig blood, smoked and roasted, Changshou blood tofu is famous for its taste and fragrance, thus making it the best choice of gifts to friends and relatives. It was once presented to Premier Zhou and other national leaders and foreign experts as a famous dish of Chongqing.

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