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Laoma Wonton
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Laoma originates from Fuling District and was founded since August, 2003. The founder is Tian Chuan. The presence of the branches under Laoma can be found across Chongqing in a year alone. It can be found in such districts or counties as Xiushan County, Youyang County, Qianjiang District, Pengshui County, Wulong District, Shizhu County, Fengdu District, Wanzhou District, Changshou District, Nanchuan District and others. Laoma Wonton is available in different levels, namely clear soup, lighter slight spicy, light spicy, medium spicy, high spicy and higher spicy. The foodies would eat it up without any drip of the soup left when it is complemented with the mouth-watering bone broth and chicken soup.

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