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Xiushan Rice Tofu
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Xiushan Rice Tofu is the result of rice which has been washed and soaked in water, and then ground into rice milk before being stewed through heavy fire. It needs to be sliced and put on the dish before mixing it with black salted turnip, pickled vegetables, flaky soybean, flaky peanut and chopped green onion as well. Such seasonings as red oil, sesame oil, zanthoxylum oil, soybean sauce, vinegar, ginger juice, garlic water are mixed together in a small-sized bowl before watering them over the tofu.

Rice Tofu features bright and green color, fresh taste, smooth and tender surface. It stays fresh even though it is stored over 3 days at a temperature between 0 ℃ and 25℃. It can be eaten when it is both cold and hot. It wins the favor of the consumers with its unique flavor.

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