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Stuffed Bean Curd
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Stuffed Bean Curd is a traditional food of Tujia people, as one of ten dishes on the Tujia people’s banquet. It is the food to entertain their friends and relatives on such occasions as wedding party, funeral, birthday party, the ceremony of construction of houses, giving birth to a son or daughter as well as nursing a son or daughter and so on. The legend has it that Ran Yucen, a secretary (a governmental officer to announce the emperor’s decree in ancient times) of Ming dynasty entertained Wen An, a secretary on appointed investigation, with stuffed bean curd.

The procedures to make the dish as follows: slice the firm tofu into triangles and make a small cut on its side, stuff into the cut the condiments including shallot, garlic, pork pieces and others prepared in advance. Then put it into the fry pan to fry it into yellow color before putting into the pot and boiling it. At last, add a little amount of spinach or Chinese cabbage with yellow core, shallot, garlic, ginger and others and boil them for a while. Now, it is comestible. It smells nice and tastes fresh, with abundant nutrilite.

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