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Crumbly Candy with Crispy Filling
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Crumbly candy with crispy filling is one of the traditional specialty goods in Chongqing. Its taste is with sweet fragrance, the crust of which is crispy with soft filling. The candy has its unique flavor and is deeply beloved by people all over the world.

The crumbly candy with crispy filling uses cooked paste of oil crop seed (oil seed paste for short) as filling (the oil seed paste being normally used is sesame paste, peanut paste, sunflower seed paste and soybean paste, and is coated with hard couverture.

Each oil seed paste used for filling of the crumbly candy with crispy filling contains rich protein and fat. In addition, the oil seed paste contains rich vitamin A, D, E, nicotinic acid and more inorganic salt. Therefore, the crumbly candy with crispy filling is a healthy food with higher nutritional value.

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